Thursday, September 8, 2011

The first UFO is finished

I finished the Table top. I just had to quilt and add the binding. I quilted leaves and did the binding with the machine. I used the tutorial from this blog.   I looks fine from the top but from the back so lala. It still needs a lot of practice to stay in the ditch of the binding and for a Quilt I will stick with sewing down the binding with hand sewing
I also finished a little Welcome door hanger for my friend. She moved into a new apartment and I gave it to her for house warming party.. (is that what you call it) 
Yes, and I created a new UFO. I started with my Angle - protector of all things unfinished. Lol. So far I got the background finished( and no picture) and still have to do the Angle. I thought I keep that project for when I meet with the girls to sew.
I also finished the next block for the underground railroad sampler - the Drunkards Path . 
I thought when that block came up-" Wow , never done it and yes you got a book with templates". All right. Out came the book and the templates. The fabric and off I was cutting the templates out. The sewing was easy than I thought and when finished I had to laugh. Lol In my eagerness of trying this block out. I just plain forgot to measure the templates and ended up with a 16" block instead of a 12". That's what I get for just jumping in on a project. Lol.
Like my teacher always said. Measure twice cut once.
Well I did not measure and cut twice. Lol. But the block turned out nice. 
So that all to tell for time being.
Oh no . I did about 10 Money mice for the Kellerquilter. 
They have a market coming up in October. So I hope they can sell them there and make a few Euros.
I already made them once for the Kellerquilter. You can read about it here.
So you all have a nice Day.
Hugs Kerstin


  1. Your table top is beautiful , very good of you the first Ufo finished :):)
    Thit you quilt it by hand of sewingmachine? The tutorial from the binding was great, I wil try to do that, now I also sewing down the binding with hand sewing. Thats a good idea and nice gift.
    I hope that your money mice for the Kellerquilters make a lots of euro's
    Hugs Tiny

  2. Hi Kerstin,
    love the table top quilt, it is gorgeous, I bet the quilting is just fine, you worry too much, ignore the quilt police, I am sure your little mice will be great sellers, clever girl such patience. jan x

  3. The quilting on that table top looks very good to me. Hope the money mice sell well, they are so cute.


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