Monday, August 22, 2011

WIPs and UFOs

Yesterday I thought I work on the Block's from the Underground Railroad Sampler. Its a monthly project on Popular Patchwork.
I was missing the last few blocks and thought I need to catch up.
That's what I got so far
As I was sewing I looked around, thinking as to what I would work on next. I got my self the promise to finish one UFO after a new project. I'm doing pretty good with that rule. I'm down to, 2 Wips and 8 Ufos. I'm getting there. Yeahh. The last project was my new bag so now a UFO.
I started to take all the boxes out of the shelf and took a peek inside and than pictures.
Here we got. From oldest to newest.
The New York Beautys. 
I guess I need to make a few more blocks to even make a wall hanging and I don't have the faintest Idea about how its supposed to look. Lol
The Jacobs ladder block from my Friendship block swap
See all those lovely blocks. I guess I would still have to make about 4 and add a nice border.
Fall Tablecloth ( not a good picture)
To finish this one all I need to do is sandwich and quilt.
The chicken hearted 
I still need to applique the chickens- lol. Sandwich and quilt
Table cloth or quilt.
I have no Idea what I will end up with. 
Another Table cloth 
All it needs is to sandwich and quilt.
Jelly Roll - snail trail takes a detour. 
Everything is cut but I still have to sew the blocks together.
My winnings from the Favorite Block swap.
Look at my beauty's . Batik on white was the theme.
I have a layout in mind. All I need is the time. Lol.
I still have no Idea as to what I will work on next. Should I use a random number generator?? Or how would you go about it??
And since I was a picture taking fool yesterday I took the pictures of the modern scrappy bento swap. I was telling you in my last post. Here are the quarters that I got to keep. 
Than here are the blocks from the Fav Block swap from a small but nice Yahoo group.
This is the golden samovar I did 
 Since I won the last round I got to pick the theme and did the drawing. lol.
The theme was stars on beige or cream. Annette and Trina won that round and Annette got to choose the next theme.
It was Fall colors on cream. ( I love the colors and would not mind winning this one , hint, hint. Lol) and here is my block.
Its called the Centennial Tree Block and the drawing is not until October. 
Ok. I hope posting my ufos will make me stick to my rule about finishing them instead creating new ones. Lol.
What do you call projects you have the pattern and the fabric but not have been started. Is there a name for those???? ( because there are a few of those also on the shelf)
Lots of hugs


  1. There are some gorgeous UFOs there Kerstin. If it was me I would start with the one that is closest to being finished. But then again, sewing blocks together might be easier. Who am I kidding, I can't decide either! What about SIL for the other projects (Start it Later)??

  2. You have some beautiful quilts Kerstin and I recognise the friendship blocks and the Underground Railroad. I would do like Maggi and choose the one which is most easily finished. (Says she who has almost as many UFOs as you!!!!!!) Ros x

  3. Kerstin what a beautiful UFO you have, now time. I think I would work on the Ufo thats closed is to finesd.I have not so many UFO's I think I am crazy about all those UFO's (lol)Lots of succes. Tiny

  4. Love the UFO's Kerstin, some beauties there.
    Like Maggi's suggestion - or how about SIS....Start it Sometime!!!! hahahaha We have ALL got tons of those I guess.

  5. Hi Kerstin you have some lovely pieces of work there. I agree with the ladies start with the one that is almost completed. This will give you a sence of achievement and another ufo finished. Hugs susan


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