Monday, April 11, 2011

I think it is a monthly Blog

Time is flying. The month of March was full with events. Boy there been a lot of Birthdays in March.
Ok, let me tell you a bit of the happenings.
First of all theres been the 13th of March when we delivered 52 donation Quilts to the Heydenmühle from the Kellerquilter. You can read about it here and here. The translation is not the best but hopefully good enough. If not, there are always the pictures. Lol.
It was so great being there to deliver the Quilts. The residents from the Heydenmühle invited us for Brunch first and it was nice being there and spend a few hours with the residents. To see all the happy Faces I know why I like helping the Kellerquilter.
Here are the last two Quilts I quilted for them. 

the Binding still needs to sewn down and its called "viel Näharbeit"(lots of sewingwork". The top was done by a Lady called Fadentante
here is a close up from the quilting

this one is called "the red sheep", This top was done by a Lady called Myriel

 And here are some little things I did for a booth the Kellerquilter are going to have on the 1st of May

Cherry Pit Pillows

Money Mice

As for the money mice - here in Germany the slang for money is mice.
So I thought for money presents the mice are cool. I bet every country has there own slang for money.
My DIL Birthday been in March also. She seen a Bag she can also use as a Back pack that she wanted . So I set out to work to get it done. I had a pattern from
Homepatchwork. I added a pencil case and my DIL was very happy with the result.
And here are the pictures from the Bag.
front of bag

side view

pencil case

So that's it for the quilting stuff. There has also been a move and renovation from my Son and DIL new apartment and preparing for inventory with overtime at work. I don't think you are interested in that. 

I hope it wont take me over a month again next time. You all have a great week.


  1. Hey Kerstin, That's a long time but you er so busy.The picture's off the Heydenmühle er greath what a lot of quilts.
    Your Money Mice and the bag with pencilcase for your DIL er beautiful.
    Greeting Tiny

  2. I know exactly what it's like, Kerstin... I haven't had much time lately to blog, either! But I love the quilts you made for the Kellerquilter project, and those little Cherry Pit Pillows and Money Mice are sooooooo cute! Plus, that bag you made for your DIL is wonderful! I know she had to be thrilled with it! Stop by my blog when you have time...I have a give away going on from now until the 18th!



  3. Congratulations for getting all those quilts together - a real achievement. Love the money mice and I am not surprised that your DIL loves the bag and pencil case.


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