Thursday, September 29, 2011

Been on vacation

We just got back from vacation Its been great to have a few days away from home and work.
I just want to show you some pictures.
I saw those huge luggage statues at the airport and I just had my DH take those pictures.
how you like my luggage?                                                       
what a bag - for a bag Lady
and here are some pictures from the vacation
just great 
the ocean was great.
but to get to the ocean you had to do the steps. 360 down and 360 back up.  

to end the day with a drink and the view of this.
Hugs Kerstin


  1. Just think how much you could buy at FOQ to fit into those bags!Lovely photos, where did you go?

  2. I think you've bought a bag (LOL)
    Very nice pictures and the ocean is really beautiful blue. Where have you been?
    Hugs Tiny

  3. Hi Kerstin! I love those photos of you with the giant luggage statues...I've never seen anything like them before! Very fun!! And it looks like you had a BEAUTIFUL vacation...that sea is just gorgeous. I guess you got your exercise every day going up and down all of those stairs! :o)



  4. Welcome back Kerstin, love the photo's, where did you go? That beach looks inviting but not those steps....gracious me.

  5. Why didn't you take me with you? Where were you?

  6. The bags were just right for you Kerstin!! Lovely holiday photos, where did you go?


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