finishes 2012

a new page with all the things I finished in 2012

I think the first thing I finished in 2012 has been the protector of all unfinished objects. lol.
isn't she cute. You can read about it here.

and than there has been the scrap Quilt. It was from a free pattern from Lynn Brown.

you can read about it here and the link to the pattern

The japanese garden. I made it for my MIL. I had lots of fun. The pattern was from a German Patchwork magazine.

oh and in between a fabric card and a cosmetic bag

the wall hanging a cabin for good times.
the pattern is from a German Lady called "Petra Jung"

than I finished the Baby Quilt for my Grandson "Tristan"

the Underground Rail Road Sampler. Its been a monthly project.

my BILs Quilt. a friend called it a maze.

a Mystery Quilt - totally wild

a new every Day Bag

another Scrap Quilt for my Aunt

and there has been another scrap quilt - pattern from Lynn Brown. No its not the same as the one in the begining of the year. It just looks very similar. lol

the christmas table runner and fabric cards. 

yes and then there are a few things I did not even blog about.

the door mouse - it was a gift for a friend.

and than some donation Quilts  - the fabric comes from the so called Wonderbags. I talked about it here.

here is my latest - the File Bag

ok, thats it for now. May be one more before the year is up. But its not all the way finished. So we will see.
I hope you enjoyd the pictures. Looking back that year - not bad.

ok, here is the very last thing I just finished in the nick of time for 2012 finishes.
my version of the Chain reaction  - the scrappy chain reaction 

hugs Kerstin

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