Sunday, March 30, 2014

A bag and the start of a new Quilt

My sweet DIL wanted a new bag ever since she found those left over blocks in the scrap bin.
Today she came over real early to make it.
We played around a bit wondering how and what to add to make the bag happen.
Nadja my DIL, likes it with a lot of color. 
The blocks been a left over from a Quilt I made for Nadja
years ago with the 10" Batik squares  from a swap at Popular Patchwork.

It turned out great. At least I think so. Probably ending up making one for me too.
Than I started on a new Quilt. The pattern is from a Magazine from Czechoslovakia.
The patter is called Ledove Krystaly.
I don't understand a word they writing but the pictures are very good.
The measurements are in metric. Bummer, I usually work in inch but its coming along nicely.
Here are my first cuts and the first part of the block. 
The color is not right. I have to take the pictures in the day light next time.
so I hope I get more done this week.
I hope you all have a great Sunday.
Quilting hugs


  1. Love the bag, you guys did a great job! This pattern looks interesting...I like that you are making it without being able to understand the direction. The colors are pretty.

  2. Great bag you two made, love it, what a good use for left over blocks too, well done Nadja for coming up with that idea. I remember the Quilt from the PP days too Kerstin. The new project looks interesting....will be watching.....

  3. What a fantastic bag. Hope that the metric quilt works out well.

  4. Love your bag! Thanks for stopping by . It was great hearing from you.


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