Sunday, March 23, 2014

It's time to reveal the "Against the tide" Mystery!

Today is the day I get to reveal the Quilt. But first I want to show the last clues before I put the quilt together.

here I just played around with the layout

Looked cool but with the other blocks. I did not had any idea on how they would go together.
Jean kept me in suspense. A well done Mystery for sure.
Then the last clue came and I was able to sew the top together.
here a picture of the top without border

After sewing together the top,I did not like the fabric I chosen for the backing anymore. What to do? Dig deep into my stash, LOL . Out came a dark green Batik fabric. The only problem, it was not wide enough for the border Jean had planed. So I changed the border a bit. I was lucky that I had enough background fabric left. For the binding I was going to use the dark green I used in the blocks, but darn, :-( - I was one strip short. So the medium purple went as binding.
And here are the pictures from the finished Mystery. 
It was pretty windy outside so I had a hard time taking the pictures . I hope you enjoy. Then you should go over to Jean's blog and check out the pictures from her mystery plus her students blocks with all the beautiful fabrics. 

here you can see the dark green Batic I used for the back
a close up from the quilting
and her a view from the binding
If you ever have the chance to do a mystery with Jean- do it! Her pattern are great - easy to understand - and everything fits perfect.
I love my mystery! I'm so happy I had the chance to test that pattern for her. Thank you so much Jean!!


  1. Your quilt turned out so beautiful! I love it especially the lighter purple narrow border and binding. Your quilting is wonderful too! Thanks for testing the pattern for me, I really appreciate it! Now get that quilt out of the bushes!

  2. A really great result. I like the way that the colours move across the diagonal.

  3. My goodness! It' came out beautifully!! I'll have to check out Jean's next mystery quilt!!


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