Sunday, May 5, 2013

Winner of the April Give away and the second part of Darlenes Mystery

Well with the give away there was just a 50 / 50 chance.
Only 2 people left a comment.

to make it short
the winner is

Jean, you are the winner! would you be so nice and send me your snail trail adress.
As soon as I get it I post the give away.

and now to Darlenes Mystery.
for working on part 2 I needed 5 1/2" squares, but the squares I had left over from the squares I bought at the Flickenkiste had the size 4 3/4" . What to do? I told you that the Quiltshop Flickenkiste is just about 20 Min away from me, right. Yes, of I went to the Flickenkiste and bought long quarters from the Fabricline from the squares. Dont you love it to have a excuse to go to the Quiltstore. Yes, me too. lol

and here is a picture from part 2. For part 3 you probably have to wait a bit longer since its the applique border.

Darlene's Mystery part 2


  1. What,, I missed a giveaway! The quilt is looking good.

  2. Thanks! I am excited to win. I will send you my address.

  3. Congratulations to Jean. I'm enjoying following your mystery quilt too.

  4. Jean congratulations, I've missed the give away (lol) and I like you mystery quilt. Hugs Tiny


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