Monday, May 20, 2013

Another finish, Darlene's Mystery and other on going things

First I want to show you my finished Quilt I did from the 4 1/2" squares that I talked about before 
I thing it turned out great.
I worked on that Quilt with my Quilting group once a month. We are 6 Girls and we each take turn in hosting the event at the house.
Hubby always says it's not a quilting bee but a eating bee. Since there is cake and dinner. Its always a wonderful day. That's for sure.
This is what I'm working on now with the group.A kaleidoscope Quilt.
I bought the fabric for this Quilt already about 3 years ago. I guess its time to work on it.
In order to save some money on shipping  cost we ordered some batting together, all together 80 Meters. So on Thursday when I got home from work Hubby said " You got mail, I put its in the sewing room"
When I got to  the sewing room ( which is just a small and very packed room, lol) there was this Hugh box. The side was already cracked and
Bulged. To bad I do not have a  picture of that.
I'm like " yeah the batting is here" I took the knife and cut the top of the box, and the box started to have a life of its own.
Pfff , peng, plop, psssssssd, the  sides of the box tore apart and out came a roll of batting wrapped in plastic that the air had been squeezed out off and started to fill up again .( like a jack in the box)  I'm laughing just writing this but I guess you had to be there to visualize the ongoing . Lol
Well , all of the sudden my sewing room was even smaller. Lol
Here is a picturer with the batting 
And here is the batting getting ready to be cut for everyone. 
I guess next time it be someone else's turn to order. Lol
Then I finished part 3 from Darlene's Mystery. I changed the applique border a bit more to my liking. I used a water glass for the template of the flower and a small thread cone for the flower buds. The leafs I just pencilled. I'm happy with my border.

So and then I'm working on Jean's snake dance mystery.
There I'm on clue 5. But I wont show any pictures jet because I do not want to spoil the surprise because there are more groups working on this mystery on a different times scale. But hop on over to Jean's Blog to find out more.
And I finished my last row for the row swap at the  popular patchwork
Forum, and as soon as my last row gets here I also will show you some pictures.
You all have a great Sunday.
Lots of hugs


  1. Your new quilt is wonderful, Kerstin! You always have such beautiful projects to share. Reading about your quilt batting delivery was very amusing. Of course, I was not the one wrestling with the expanding batting roll in a small sewing room. Looks like your and your friends really should take turns ordering the batting. Thanks also for all the interesting links. I really enjoyed Darlene's quilts. It is always nice to find a lovely new quilt blog to enjoy ... :) Pat

  2. hahahaha what fun tj read about your batting. The kaleidoscoop quilt is beautiful also the mystery and the link of the other mystery is great!! For now you do not hear much from my we go on holliday.Greeting Tiny

  3. The quilts look fantastic,,,well done!

  4. I love the quilt you've been working on with your group. Very pretty. I also like the other mystery quilt, I will have to check out her blog. The batting story is funny. I used to work at Hancock Fabrics and it was always funny when we put out the pillow stuffing. The bags would start expanding as soon as we pulled them out and would sometimes nudge each other off the shelf!

  5. I love both your quilts. I had to laugh at the batting and would love to have seen them trying to pack it in the first place!


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