Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Last day of April already

Wow this month flew by.
Where to start if I look back at the month of April.
I had to finish a Baby quilt. Don't they always come so unexpected. Lol
Just like Christmas, you know its coming but all of the sudden it right then.
Its not that I did not know for a little over a half year that the Baby's due date was in April  but I sure was surprised when I heard that he was born already. Lol
Liam is his name and he is a very cut baby boy.
So I had to make the Baby Quilt real quick.
I did a disappearing 4 patch with a nice border  around and appliqued the baby's name in the border
Baby Quilt for Liam
Than last month we went to a new Quilt store in our area, Flickenkiste. Boy, it was great. So much fabric to choose from and only 25 min away from my house. I'm in quilt heaven. Lol
When we been to the store I picked up a bunch of cut squares that looked like charms but they weren't.  They only measure 4 3/4"
So what to do??
I seen a quilt during blog hopping at Diary of Quilter and thought that would be perfect for those squares.Of I went and I started out by cutting they squares  down to 4 1/2" and picked some more fabric to go with the squares .  I'm almost done with that quilt and be able to show you pictures in a few days. But here is a sneek preview from the fabric

But with that quilt done I had still squares left over and thought I can use them for  Darlene's Mystery at Quilts by Darlene . By now, its no more mystery because I know how the finished quilt looks. And let me tell you it looks great and they way she wrote the pattern - great. Go over and check it out.
Well , I finished with the first part and looking forward to work on number two. 
Darlene's Mystery part 1
Ok, and now to my give away for the month of April.
This whole year I'm having a give away every month from things I don't want or need any more or thought I could not live without when I bought them. I bet you all have those kind of things too, or??
Well this month it will be the pattern from apple patch design - the protector of all things unfinished. I bought the pattern at the FoQ in Birmingham in the year 2011, and yes I sure made the angle and its hanging in my sewing room.

So may be someone else needs a protector of all things unfinished .
On top of the pattern I add a book, a mystery story from Terri Thayer - Ocean Waves. I liked the book and I left all the letters in the book for you to read. Lol
Just leave me a comment  and next Sunday I pick a winner.
And than a question - does anyone uses the the basting gun from Wall mart in the states ??
I used it and it was good. My gun broke but I still have a bunch of the basting stacks. 
So if someone wants them - leave me a comment.
So you all have a great may day.
Quilting hugs


  1. I can't believe it's May either! the time has flown by. I love your baby quilt. We are waiting to hear if my niece is expecting a girl or boy, and once I find out, I'll be sewing away! That book looks really good!

  2. My word, you are keeping yourself busy. Liam's quilt is lovely and so are the fabrics that you bought. Not sure it is going to be good for you having a quilt shop that close by!


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