Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year

My first post for this year.
I hope you all had a great time.
2012 was a great year and 2013 is going to be at least just as good if
Not even better. Just because I said so.
The Quilt I'm going to show you know has been just in the nick of time finished in 2012, not that you think I'm super fast. 
I just did not had the time to post because I had the house full with family and friends. Had a great time with my darling grand son. 
Scrappy Chain Reaction
Its my version of the chain reaction. My scrappy chain reaction. Yeah. 
close up from the quilting

The pattern is from Lee Heinrich and it was in the Quiltmakers Magazine March/ April 12.
But just recently, Lee posted on her Blog Freshly Pieced that she sell's the pattern as PDF file. So if you are interested go check it out.
I liked the pattern very much. It was a pretty quick Quilt and I know I'm going to do this one again in some dark fabric's. 
and than one more pic. Its from my sweet DIL. 
She needed a B-day Present for her SIL and wanted to sew a bag. So she finished it today and here it is. 
sweet DIL with her bag
My son made me very happy when he got married to her. Im so lucky.
Hugs Kerstin


  1. Happy New Year Kerstin. I just love your Chain Reaction quilt. The bag your DIL made is fab. May the new year be full of inspiration and creation for you. Irene x

  2. Happy new Year Kerstin. And your quilt is beautiful, also you DIL with her bag. Nice you have a good time with family and grandson. Hugs Tiny


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