Sunday, December 23, 2012

File Bag

Who would have thought - another post in such a short time.
See what a few days off can do.
During Blog hoping I found a picture from a File Bag here.
I just knew the person that would love to have one of these.
She started University this year and this file bag would make
The perfect Christmas gift.
The pattern is from a German Patchwork Magazine - whichever I did not own.
So I had to come up with my own. I don't think I did to bad but I know
With the next one I would have to change a few measurements.
Also I would use some Half rings instead. But I did not had any at home
and I had to make due with what I had at home.
Guess I have to make a run to home depot tomorrow to stock up with
Belt straps, Half rings and hook snaps. 
Ok here are the pictures.
File Bag with little bag in front
File Bag without the little bag

File bag open        

here I added a strap with velcro to hold the pages in place
I hope she will like it. If not my DIL will take it in a heart beat. 
you all have a lovely advent sunday
hugs Kerstin 


  1. What a great looking bag Kerstin,, well done.

    Feliz Navidad desde TEnerife

    1. No puedo enviar un e-mail para
      ¡Gracias! ¡Feliz Navidad


  3. Great job! I am looking at bags to get ideas for an ipad bag. I have seen a few that I want to combine different ideas into one. I wish I could find a pattern that already has everything I want incorporated into it, but if mine turns out as nice as your bag did, I will be happy.

  4. You make a great bags in such a short time. Hugs Tiny


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