Friday, August 10, 2012

Look what surprise came in the mail today

When I got home from work today I found a nice package on the table.
It came all the way from New Jersey from Mile Square Fabric Studio.
Yeahh it was my prize for making the first place with the eagle eye postcard at the Quilting Gallery 
So before I opened the package I first made me a nice cup of coffee and then slowly opened the box.
And look what I unpacked.
All this lovely Asian fabric.
Thank you so much Peggy, you could have not chosen better for me. I love it.
So what I need to do now is to figure out what I will do with it.
I know for a fact, you all will find out.
Lots of hugs


  1. Gorgeous fabrics Kerstin, and well deserved too, for such a brilliant postcard!

  2. Congratulations and well done Kerstin.

  3. Congratulations Kerstin. They are beautiful fabrics. Well deserved prize for the fantastic postcard.

  4. Oh, beautiful fabric prizes, Kerstin...I'm sure you'll come up with a great idea to use it on. And you have waaaay more control than coffee would have had to wait as I'd have torn open that package in a second! LOL!

    Hope you have a great weekend!



  5. Beautiful fabrics , you deserved it, the postcard er gorgeous!!!

  6. You are so lucky! Lovely bunch of fabrics.


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