Friday, August 17, 2012

Mystery Quilt

A few weeks ago I started to work on a mystery. 
The mystery was a present to a Germany forum from a lady that had a milestone Birthday.
I thought it was a great way to celebrate. Every Sunday we got a part of the mystery.
First Sunday we got told to cut 221 squares of fabric 
and to sew 12 x a 16 patch at random
Cutting so many scraps already was a challenge. I took the scraps as they came out of the scrap box. Lol
Second Sunday we got told to cut the 16 patch twice vertical and twice horizontal and to remove the middle that just got cut and to save it for later. 
Also to sew the corner blocks that been left into a 4 patch.
For the bigger version you where supposed to cut some more pieces.
(I sure wanted the bigger version so off I went to cut more fabric) 
3rd Sunday we got two choices of sewing the to top together. 
My fabric was so wild looking I took the even looking pattern. Lol
and thats how it looks finished.
It turned out to be a very wild scrappy Quilt. I hope the person that will receive that quilt (it went as a donation Quilt) loves all the different fabric. The finished Quilt is about 55" x 72".

 I hope you all have a lovely weekend.
especially the coming thru group at the FoQ. I sure wish I could be there. 


  1. it is a collorfull quilt. I like it . and a mystery I like also you dont no what's coming. have a nice weekend tiny

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    1. Just trying out to leave a comment since I got told it would not work. So never mind my comment. lol
      Hope you have fun at my blog

  3. It's a lovely cheerful quilt Kerstin. Missed not seeing you last week but I also missed seeing the crew as well as I forgot the time we were supposed to meet!


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