Sunday, April 1, 2012

A quilt for a special person and a new man in my life.

I finished the Japanese Garden. The pattern is from a German Magazine called Burda.
Some of the fabric I used in this quilt I started buying about 8 years ago at a Quilt Show in San Jose, California. The rest, after I saw the pattern in the magazine. 
I saw this quilt and just new the person for it. I won’t be able to say the name because I’m not sure if she reads this blog or not. So I just won’t spoil the surprise.  I know she loves those fabrics.
So here are some pictures.
I had a very bad time taking them since the quilt is so big and the sun was shining. I hope you still can see.
 and here is one more with the detail from the quilting. I used superior thread "sand castle" and sometimes I had a hard time seeing what I did because it blended in so good with the fabric. But it turned out real good. ( at least thats what I think, Im very happy with the out come. lol ) 

It still is a while before she gets it. But I’m happy I got it finished because now I have to get busy on the Baby Quilts and Diaper Bag, bibs and so on. 
My Grandsons due date is July and that is just around the corner. Lol. 
Today I felt him kicking, gee that felt sooooo good.  I’m all excited. 

But know, I will tell you first about the new man in my life.
His name is Richard and he lies around all day long on my iron board. Lol . He likes it hot.

He was kind of short so I had to extend him a bit. Lol .  I tried out right away the feather quilting
Diane Gaudynski showed us with the free motion quilting challenge at Sew Cal Gal blog. 

He was the hit the last time when I had the girls over to sew. We had a bunch of laughs and giggles.
                     You all know what happens when you get his towel hot.

Well that’s for now. I hope you all have a lovely Sunday.

Hug Kerstin


  1. Love the quilt,,, and I love the ironing board cover!!! I have never seen a cover like that! Brilliant!

  2. That is such a beautiful quilt and so well quilted. I have never seen an ironing board cover like that before - where on earth did you find it? One like that might even encourage me to do the ironing!!

  3. Hi Kerstin! Your quilt turned out beautifully! I know whomever it is for will absolutely love and cherish it! And what a hoot your ironing board is...I have to agree with Maggi...if I had one like that, I might be encouraged to iron more! LOL!!!

    Have a great day, my friend, and keep ironing! :o)



  4. Love the quilt Kerstin it's beautiful. I like Burda magazine and quite often buy it when I'm in Switzerland. I love the ironing board cover. I laughed so much you made my day. xx

  5. Love the quilt. Is it made with diamonds? Gorgeous!
    Also love the new man...though you better not use your ironing board now as it will get scorched!Just save it to look at. lol

  6. You have make a great quilt beautiful!!! Burda offen have nice pattern, in the Netherlands you can buy it also. And than your new man..... he is so sweet.... I never seen an ironing bord cover like this, dont push him to hard (lol) Hugs Tiny

  7. Your quilt is beautiful, I'm sure your friend will love it, and what a very lucky friend to be receiving such a gorgeous gift. As for the new man in your life, he's very cheeky! I bet you have a giggle whenever you do the ironing!


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