Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Look what came in the Mail today

wow, was I surprised to get the lovely card in the mail.
My friend Jan was so sweet to send it to me.
I already had a chance to admire it on her Blog not thinking
I had a chance to hold it in my hands.
Jan was talking about closed and open feathers and I asked her what
the different was. I had not the slightest Idea.
To show me she send me pictures not thinking she would
actually send me this lovely card.
Thank you sooo much Jan.

you all have a great day



  1. Oh how lovely is that. Jan is so clever with her feathers! Lucky you.

  2. Very pretty! lucky you!

  3. A lovely card. I really like how she has rounded the corners.

  4. Lovely card,, love the feathers Jan has done.

  5. You are most welcome lovely girl.
    SHame it is not a good one though. hahahaha sorry.
    jan xx


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