Sunday, March 25, 2012

Spring sale and a Day out with the Girls

Oh what fun we had yesterday.
Spring sale at the Quilt store. Off we went early in the morning.
First we all meet at a Bakery store to have a nice breakfast to gain enough strength for this day.

Then we joined the fun with so many other ladies’ and a few gents.
 Looked, touched and bought lol.
those are the goodies I came home with

My sweet DIL came along to look for fabric for the baby bed. Yeahhh I’m going to be a Grandma this year and I’m going to have fun sewing up all the things the little one will need or I thing he could need. Lol. 
I also found thise cute panel with the ABC. It was a absolute must.
After the Quilt store we went to IKEA, it’s on our way home and just a must, to stop.
We had lunch there and a little shopping around in the market place. 
Plus my sweet DIL picked out a book shelf. It was her B-day last Wednesday and she wanted a book shelf.
So with a loaded car and a good feeling (I always feel so good after buying fabric) we went home.
That was such a great Day. Fun, Fun, fun. 

you all have a great Sunday 

hugs Kerstin 


  1. Hi Kerstiin! So sorry it's been so long since I've been around to see you...but I think of you often! What a wonderful day you all had...that's my idea of a perfect day, too! And how exciting that you are going to be a grandma this year...I bet you have tons of sewing projects planned for the little one. Sure wish you could be here to go with me to the International Quilt Show in April...I know it's going to be fun, too!



  2. What a great day! Can't beat an outing that involves fabric and food!

  3. That's looks great!! you have spring weather and beautiful goodies and fabrics also the boys ABC is great. Do you have the panel only to quilt ? Hugs Tiny

  4. Lovely day and lovely looking fabrics!!

  5. Your day sounded so good and full of fun. So good to buy fabric. xx

  6. Sounds like a wonderful day and I am just drooling over the fabric and thread that you bought.


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