Sunday, March 18, 2012

March 2012 FMQ Challenge Tutorial by Ann Fahl

I finally got around to my FMQ Challenge. Ann Fahl provided a great PDF file with great instruction.
You can go here to read all about it. 
I enjoyed it very much. I own a DVD from her - Coloring with Thread- I think its a awesome DVD.

Again I used a 12” square black fabric on top and a beige fabric for the backing.
Thread was this time aurifil with a 90 superior Topstich needle .
Superior Needle 90/140 and Aurifil thread

 I still have a problem taking the pictures with correct lighting. That why I have two pictures. 
With this one you can see  the colour of thread I used

with this one you can see the stiches better

I also have the big problem of keeping the same speed, so my stiches are still uneven. It always depends on what I want to draw. Lol. I guess my hands sometimes have a problem to keep up with my brain. Lol.  
On the back I have the red thread showing so I guess I still have to play with my tension some more. 

But all together I had fun with all the challenges so far. They work great on the small squares, the big challenge is to bring it onto a big Quilt.

I hope you enjoy the pictures. You all have a great Day.

Hugs Kerstin


  1. Well done with your FMQ - it's lovely. I also have the problem where my brain is quicker than my hands! Have a lovely day Kerstin. xx

  2. looks fine....with me; the tensions seems ok; but I am not consistent with the movement of my hands....

  3. Great quilting Kerstin. I love the dragonflies

  4. Kerstin it is beautiful!!!!!

  5. Your quilting is gorgeous! You did an awesome job!

  6. WOW great job Kerstin, I haven;t done this one yet. I am busy doing a quilt for MArian at the moment so it is on hold for now.


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