Tuesday, February 21, 2012

February FMQ Tutorial, by Diane Gaudynski “Echo Feather Plume” at SewCalGal.

Oh boy, this really scared me. I love seeing feathers and I admire everyone that is able to quilt feathers.
I finally started on the February Challenge and I tell you its been ruff.
I tensed up just looking at the fabric. Diane Gaudynski made it look so easy.
But practice makes perfect and I'm far from it. Lol
Still I want to show you what I came up with.
They all been done on black fabric front and beige fabric for the back. I used cotton batting ( I find that the most easy going for FMQ) on all of them and a Topstich needle 90/14
Here is my first try - I did not even finished it . I'm just to st.... to follow a drawn line on the fabric. 
my first try
For the thread in my first try I used isacord 40w. In the top and a beige cotton thread for the bobbin. 
Isacord 40wt and topstich 90/14
My second try - I just did the feather without drawing It first. I felt a bit better about it and almost to the end I thought. Ok Im ready for the third try .lol.
2nd try  still playing with the tension
for the thread in the second try I used isacord 40w. In the top for the feather and Rheingold thread 40 w. for the echo quilting. Beige cotton thread for the bobbin.
Isacord 40wt and Rheingold 40wt. with topstich 90/14
My third and so far my best try, I just did the feather without drawing first and felt real good about it while doing it. I found the right speed going (I think, lol) . I think I be doing a few more. I kind of start to like it.yeahh. Thanks to sewcalgal holding the challenge and to Diane Gaudynsky for her great tutorial. 
Thank you very much to both of you.
3rd and best try , yeahh . superior thread rainbows 40wt. topstich 90/14
For the thread in the third try I used Superior thread - Rainbows 40w. ( I liked that the best so far)
Beige cotton for the bobbin again. 
superior threads rainbows 40wt, topstich 90/14

lots of hugs 


  1. Hi Kerstin , Wen I see the first and the last you make than you can see that it is a lot better. I like it and se often the vidio's and think that can I also but I try and it is not so good I can make a picture os it. (LOL) Hugs Tiny

  2. I loved seeing your FMQ....and you certainly did do better by the end...I am impressed.

  3. Your feathers look impressive! I guess practice really does help! Great job! ~Jeanne

  4. Looking good Kerstin, well done. I haven't done mine yet I am afraid. Maybe later this week.

  5. Great result Kerstin. Just goes to show how much improvement can be achieved with practice. Must get mine started too, I am so behind this month.

  6. I try and than I mail you :):)

  7. What a great job you've done! The biggest struggle I had to overcome with feathers was relaxing - and remembering to breathe! Keep at it - they do become addictive.

  8. Looking great to me! Have not tried feathers! Still need to practice more what I do as is!

  9. Hi Kerstin:Wonderful!!. Very nice things...Your blog is very very beautifull and it´s a great work.


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