Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A Bag for the FoQ, the FoQ and goodies from the FoQ

Did not find time to post the pictures of the new bag before. Like I said nothing better then a deadline to get something finished.
The bag just got finished in time to get on the plane with me. Lol.
This is just a proto type and I still have a few adjustments to do. But the size and the pockets where just great for the FoQ. I was able to store everything from wallet to camera to water bottle and some goodies I bought.

And here are some pictures from the Bag.
front of Bag. with a small zipper pocket

inside a small pocket with a snap hook for keys
inside front- just some slip pockets
the back of the bag with one more zipper pocket
The FoQ itself was awesome. This time I been for 3 days and it still was not enough.  I should booked a later plane on Sunday. I just keep that in mind when booking next year. I got to meet with lots of my virtual friends. That was awesome also. Its good to finally have a face to the name. People around us kept looking funny as more of us came from every corner. It was so good to meet up with all of them. I had a great time. I hope it works out next year to meet again. Annette took a bunch of pictures and I took this one from her blog. So you can see how much fun we had. 
from left to right Annette, Marian, Kim, Janet, Angela, Me and Maggi in the front
And here is a link to my pictures in my album. I did not take as many pictures as the years before. There where just to many people to get good pic. So if you want, hop on over and enjoy the once I have.
So and now we get to the good part. The goodies I got there. Do you want to see.
Here we go. 
seahorse pattern plus the fabric for it . ( I could not find any stand that sold the time to do it, lol)

6 meters of Batik and a new ruler
a bunch of thread, bobbins, needles and a jelly roll
soluble vlies, some silk and a starter pack for the flower hammering.
last but not least the Quilters Angel - the protector of all things unfinished. a absolute must. lol.

 you all have a great Day. 



  1. Amazing what beautiful quilts were shown, and you enjoyed it, I see on the picutere's.
    Your bag is wel used by all your loveley things you bought.
    Hugs Tiny

  2. Hi Kerstin

    I love your bag!! It is gorgeous and lovely fabric too. I wondered if you had made it when I saw you but forgot to ask as we were too busy posing for photos and laughing!!!

    Gorgeous purchases also!! I bought loads of posh thread too. Looking forward to seeing your seahorse hanging as the fabrics were yummy!

  3. So pleased we finally met Kerstin, it was fun wasn't it? Not sure the others around us thought so though hahahahaha.
    Yes, let's do it again next year. It was very quiet on the Sunday, easy to walk round and not get bumped all the time. Bear that one in mind!!!!!
    You bought lots of gorgeous goodies, looking forward to seeing what you do with it all.....time is our enemy I know, but you wil get it all done eventually. I bought two pieces of that silk too, great minds and all that.
    Take care
    lol jan xx

  4. Oh my Kerstin, I love that game, I keep playing it. hahaha

  5. Hello Kerstin you blog is lovely. Thank you for taking a peek at my blog. It was so nice meeting you I hope you understood some if not most of what I said lol. I use to go for the full four days and still thats not enough, it is such an ovewhelming show isn't it? Maybe we will meet up again next year. :)

  6. Wonderful to see you Kerstin and glad that you had a good time and got home safe. Like Annette I was too busy admiring the bag you gave me and laughing to notice yours. It is so beautiful. You are going to have a great time with those purchases. Now that is a niche in the market that needs filling - selling time, we could make a fortune!

  7. It was great to finally meet you too Kerstin, I hope that next year I can spend more than just a day there, and meet up with everyone again.


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