Thursday, August 4, 2011

Remember the sew a row swap?

Its been a long time again since I posted. I'm just not a good blooger. Sorry,
I have been working a lot lately. Its great because of the money, since I fly next week to Birmingham to the FoQ but on the other hand I'm just to tired to write something and just happy to read other peoples blog.
But I did some sewing. Yeahhh.
I finished the Sew a Row Quilt from the swap a long time ago. Angela started by working on hers and when I saw her pictures I got inspired to work on mine. Well here it is. 
and here is a close up so you can see the quilting.
Thanks a lot to
First Row -     Jyette (I have no Idea if Jyette has a blog)
Second Row -    Angela
Third Row -  Jan
Fourth Row - Maggi
Fifth Row - Marian
Sixth Row - Fiona
Sevens Row - my own. 
it was a great swap Girls. Im happy to have been a part of it.
Once I got working on it, it went like a breeze and I finished it in no time at all. I mean most of the work was done. All I had to do is to decide in which order to set the rows and add a border.
I also made a Baby Quilt, my nephew is becoming a father. Gee, time sure flys. It seems not to long ago he was just a little one himself. Him and his Girlfriend are going to have a little Girl.yeahhh.
They picked the name Mia. Isn't it a beautiful name?.  I still had some of the fabric from the Quilt left over and made a babron from craftiness is not optional.Her tutorial was just great and easy to follow. It was fun making it and it turned out lovely. But what can I say, I had a senior moment and send the package off without taking a picture. So you just have to take my word for it, lol .
May be I get a picture with the Baby wearing it. But at least I got a picture from the Quilt

I also finished all my Bento Blocks to send of for a swap.
I still have to take some pictures of the quarters I kept. This will be a interesting Quilt once finished.
pictures will follow.
I also won in a different yahoo group the fav block swap. Yeahhh. I got 11 wonderful blocks - batik on white. I still have to take pictures of those also. pictures will follow. I'm way behind as you can tell. I already know what I want to do with those blocks. Just need the time. Lol.
This Sunday I have to work on the bag I want to take along to Birmingham. I hope to get to finish it before I fly. I just have to and I know I always work very good on a dead line. 
But speaking about bags. I finished a bag pack for my son's second B-day in July. ( no, he is not two. He just gets to celebrate a second time) 
It was a special order from him. Im always amazed how well he goes into detail when asking for something. I guess he can picture it already beeing done. lol
but look for your self

You all have a great Day and enjoy the pictures.


  1. Your quilt looks fantastic Kerstin. I just need to make my own row and then I can get going on mine - you have inspired me. Mia's quilt is gorgeous as is your son's bag pack. See you soon, have a good journey. x

  2. Your quilts are all lovely, especially the sew-a-row. I like your red and white border - very effective. Ros

  3. I love your quilting design Kerstin - do you have a longarm or did you mark it before quilting - or did you just quilt it randomly? It's gorgeous :o)

  4. Greath you go to Birmingham, thit you go with your friends? Beautiful quilts you make i like the Sew a Row from the swap so nice. Also the quilt for baby Mia .
    Nex time we wil se picture's (lol)
    Have a greath time . Hugs Tiny

  5. Lovely quilt Kerstin and beautifully quilted, is that with your machine you got last year?? The speedy one!!! Hahaha!!

    Wish I had taken part in it now!!!xx

  6. Brilliant Kerstin, I must get mine done and dusted. Jan x


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