Saturday, January 8, 2011

just a quick note

So just a quick note.
I want to keep the promise I made to my self about being better in blogging.
In my last post I showed you the lap quilt I made for my nephew. Well I finished quilting it and added the binding. ( that is always the tough part for me).
And here is the picture.

 and a close up from the quilting
Than I finished one more donation Quilt. This is a special order from a Guy living at the Kinderzuhause. When we where there to deliver the Donation Quilts from the Kellerquilter, we just had Kids Quilts and he was already to old and to big for one of those. But when I asked what color he would like he said he wants one with frogs . So I told him I would make him one. It was so funny because he asked " can I come and pick it up tomorrow" that was on Dec. 10th. I told him " I'm not that fast but in January I will have it finished". So I'm very happy I can keep that promise for him.  
Here is a picture from his Quilt with the frog fabric. 

and here a close up from the quilting

And yes here is the top part from the wall hanging " land of the little Quilts"

I hope I can keep up the work since I promised my self to reduce the Wips and Ufos on my shelf. ( which I belive are breeding there)


  1. Great Quilts Kerstin!
    I think my UFOs have been breeding too. I stopped counting when I got to 5. Ros

  2. What nice you have make a frog quilt for that boy. He is beautiful also the quilt for your nephew. The start of "land of the little
    Quilts loke's good.
    Your update from yoyr blog is also beautiful.

    Hugs Tiny

  3. Hi Kerstin! So nice to see you blogging. The quilt for your nephew is he a film buff? And is it hard to make a quilt in black and white? Also, that was so sweet of you to make that guy a frog quilt. And bless his heart, thinking a quilt could be made in one day. That is precious!



  4. Lovely quilts Kerstin. Wouldn't it be great to be able to do a quilt in a day!


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