Sunday, January 16, 2011

Progress of "In the land of the little Quilts" and other things

I already wrote about it in the last two post and now I just want to show you how far I got.
Sorry not finished  jet but still working on it. But I put the top together from the 3 little quilt tops
this little one is 12" x 15"

the little Log Cabin is 9" x 12"

this one is 11 1/2" by 15"

they are going to hang on to the cloth line.
I need to sandwich and get the quilting done.  
Hope to show pictures of the finished Quilt soon.
I don't know about you but I'm always doing a few things at the time. I cant remember ever to have started a quilt and just work on that until its finished.
How about you??
In between the "land of the little Quilts" I quilted two Quilt top's for the Kellerquilter.
The Kellerquilter are a group of Lady's organizing donation quilts. They collect scrap fabric and donation fabric to make Quilts for disabled people. I wrote already about them a few times  and made already a few donation Quilts for them.
Every once in the while they offer Wonder bags in a German Quilt forum.
Wonder bags are, a neat packages of put together fabric for one Quilt top. They then offer those bags in the forum to make Quilts. Some just sew together the Quilt tops and some finish them all together. The outcome from those Bags are awesome. Its amazing with what people come up with. Hop on over and take a look at there Blog. Last year they got more than a 100 Quilts together, isn't that awesome. If they have a lot of Quilt tops they ask if someone wants to quilt. I offered to do that. So here are two Quilts from 4 that Im quilting. 
They will bring a smile to someone's face.

 Quilt and close up -  sewn by (nickname) Bonsaiquilt

Quilt and close up- sewn by I think (nickname) Quiltinglady


  1. The little quilttops er nice, I love the hearts most.
    I'm doing also many things ,at the time.
    What a nice project are the wonderbags.
    Greetings Tiny

  2. Those tiny quilts are so cute! Can't wait to see the whole thing all finished. And, since I am so new to quilting, I'm still only working on one at the time. I'm sure at some point I'll have several going at once!

    I think it's wonderful the work you do for the Kellerquilter. It's a very worthy charity and I'm sure it brings so much joy to the recipients!



  3. Lovely quilts Kerstin. I also can't work on just one thing at once, perhaps that's why it takes me so long to finish anything!


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