Thursday, December 30, 2010

Happy New Year - Yes I'm still around

Puhh, its been a long time again. I couldn't belive all the cobwebs and all the dust around this blog. Well I guess that's what I get for not coming around.
I have been working a lot. Lots of overtime but the money comes in handy to support my habit (fabric) lol.
And I did do a bit of sewing, but I was not able to show it  to you if I did not want to spoil the surprise.
But here are now some pictures.
this Quilt I did for my parents. They loved it very much!

and this is a memory Quilt I helped my DIL to make for her parents. Its done with T-shirts and Shirt from her Brother.He passed away 1/2 year ago.  

a Christmas Stocking
and a few other little Things I did not take a picture of. (Senior Moments) Sorry.

Then there are a few WIP 

a new Lap Quilt for my Nephew. He got a new Seat cover for his Wheel chair. So this Lap Quilt fits the new Seat Cover. But it still needs to be quilted.

Last Tuesday the Girls where at my house to sew and we started a new projekt. It will be a Wall Hanging and it's called"In the Land of the little Quilts". We bought the pattern about 5 years ago and finaly starting on it.

from a bunch of halfsquares and squares and other sqraps I got the bottom part of the wallhanging done

I really like this one. I hope to get it done soon. I already know just the spot to hang it up. I hope to keep you posted pretty soon about that.

And the last picture is about the snow. It was nice to have a white Christmas but enough is enough. I would love to have summer again. Im tired of driving in the snow. How about you ?.

Ok, the only thing left to say now is . I wish you all a Happy New Year.


  1. What do you have a lot of beautiful quilts made. And you had to work, driving through the snow. Do you travel far? The memory quilt of your DIL fot her parents is wunderful,and quite difficult for her to make it.
    I wish you and your family a very Happy New Year.

    Greetings Tiny

    P.S. your lay-out from your blog is very nice.

  2. Happy New Year Kirsten. Your quilts are lovely. Ros x

  3. Happy New Year Kerstin. What lovely quilts. I hope that your snow has gone by now. I too long fir the warmth to return.


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