Friday, October 1, 2010

Wedding and my Birthday

Well, I haven't had time to post before, its still a little crazy around here.
The wedding is over, it was fantastic.
Everything turned out just the way we wanted it to be. Even the weather was playing in our favor. It did not rain like the day before.
Here is a picture of my Son and his Beautiful Wife walking out of church.

I spend so many tears. Emotions just took over.

My Birthday was the day before the wedding so this year we kind of moved that day to the side because there where so many things that needed to be done before the wedding.
But in the beginning of this year I joined a Birthday Club with the Popular Patchwork Forum and it was real fun receiving all the envelopes in the last few weeks. I was not allowed to open them until my B-day. So I put them on the highest shelf in my sewing room. On my Birthday I got up real early when the house was still quiet and everyone was sleeping to open all the envelopes. What joy I had to receive all those beautiful cards and all the fabric.

From my Friend Kim I got this great book

Twist and Turn Bargello Quilts
As soon as this place will go back to normal I sure will try one of those Quilts in this book. 
And from Joan I also got this beautiful Fabric.

Thank you girls, you are the best.

Ok I hope you enjoy the pictures for now. I post more in the end of this month.


  1. Hi Kerstin,
    Your son and new daughter-in-law look so happy! May they have a long and happy life together. What a beautiful selection of fabrics and cards.
    Ros x

  2. Hi Kerstin, Congratulations with the wedding of your son and also for your birthday. What a beautiful picture of your son and new daughter.Nice fabrics and cards you have receving. Greetings Tiny

  3. What a lovely photo of your son and his new bride. Glad it all went well. Have fun playing with the fabric.


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