Saturday, October 23, 2010

A very long break

Well I'm back. Like I mentioned in my last post the wedding was great and I will post a few more pictures.

My visitors left and are back home, I'm finished doing laundry and cleaning the house ( did just what was necessary while my visitors where here) and I even had a small interlude with my sewing machine. Pictures will follow, I still have to hand sew the binding on the small table top.
I had a fantastic time with my MIL, SIL,BIL and there kids.
I even been to Ireland with my Mother in Law. Yeah I overcame the fear of driving on the wrong side of the road and just did it. We flew into Kerry and it was awesome. The country is a beauty. I sure know I be back there. The only thing weird- There are no patchwork stores around. And here are some pictures from Ireland.
 here is the coast of Dingle a very lovely town.

 this is Muckrose House in Killarney with its beauitful gardens. In the upper right corner of the picture you can see the fire escape they build for the queen of england in 1861 when she came for a visit.

this is a picture from Blarney Castle. ( yes I did kiss the stone of blarney)  

And than here are some pictures we took at Burg Greifenstein ( ancient castle Greifenstein with its Bell museum) The Bell Museum is situated in the bulwark of the castle Greifenstein. There are about 50 bells with descriptions and information about how bells are produced and how you bring them to ring. It's possible to ring some of the bells yourself and we sure enjoyed it!
The castle was first mentioned in 1160 and got destroyed and rebuild several times and its a ruin now but you still can climb up the towers and enjoy the view and its just about 20 minutes from our house. 
Oh and before I forget, look at this great pattern I got from my friend Maggi. She saw my mini mosaic on the blog and send this pattern to me because she thought she was never going to use it.
Thank you soooo much Maggi. A Thank you will be on its way. 
can't wait to start on this one.

Ok this is enough for one Day. I be back with more news and pics in a few days. Thank you all for being so patient and I apologize to everyone that I did not respond after a comment or a E-mail, time was just running like crazy the last few weeks and I promise I try very hard to not let it happen again. 


  1. Kirstin what an beautiful picture's of your son, but also from Ireland.I think you have a wunderful time. Great you drive left.
    Have a nice weekend Tiny

  2. Lovely photos of the wedding and of Ireland. Glad you liked the pattern.


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