Monday, September 20, 2010

Mini Mosaic Sampler

I haven't been around for some time. I was very busy preparing for my sons wedding next Saturday. Plus preparing the house for my Mil and Sil with Husband and two Kids. They will be staying for about 4 weeks. I'm looking forward to that very much. I even cleaned out my Sewing room, sorted my Scraps and Fabric in those new bins I got at Ikea. But that's
not what I was going to show you.
When I was at the FoQ in Birmingham I was at the Stand from Paula Doyle- Green mountain Quilt Studio. I fell in love with her little Quilts. So last Wednesday I got the pattern for the Mini mosaic Sampler. Since I had cleaned out my Sewing room, I had a easy time bringing out my little scraps for this Quilt. At first I did not wanted to start until after the wedding but as I was looking through my fabric and than started cutting the Freezer paper in 1 1/2" squares there was no stopping. It felt so good to do some sewing.
So in the last few evenings I finished this little beauty of 18" x 22". I had a few problems to iron those squares on to the vilene. ( I don't know if I had the right kind or if I was just to impatient with it) and it has a few flaws but the next one will be better.
here it is in all its glory


  1. It is gorgeous Kerstin. I am not surprised that you had to keep going once you had started.

  2. Wow! Some things are irresistable - I think it's probably as well I didn't see that stall! :) Fiona

  3. What a brilliant mini-quilt Kerstin!
    I hope this week goes well for you and your family and that you all have a lovely day on Saturday. Ros x

  4. Kerstin what a beautifull mini quilt you make. I like the colors, it feels good when you cleaning the sewing room and then gives a new project a little peace of you mind at this busy time.
    I hope you have a lovely day on saterday.

  5. Kerstin your quilt looks wonerful you must have lots of patience with all those small bits of fabric

    Good luck with the wedding hope the weather is kind to you


  6. The little quilt turned out beautifully, and if you don't tell there are flaws, no one will ever notice them. We are all our own worst critics!

    Best wishes to your soon on his soon-to-be wedding, and enjoy your company!



  7. Oh, that should say..."best wishes to your son...

    sorry about that! :o(



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