Wednesday, September 1, 2010

September already

Gee time fly's when you have fun. I been back from the FoQ already almost 2 weeks.
Its been great. So many pictures in my head. Its most amazing what some people come up with and put it in fabric.
I got to meet a few people from PP Forum so this been a real treat. Finally have a face to the names. We had a nice evening together. Just to bad that the weekend went by so fast. Next year I have to make sure we stay a bit longer.
I showed you in a earlier post my Bag I got from Annette for the FoQ and that I thought I would have problems filling it. Well I did not had a slightest problem of filling this huge bag. Even that fabric was not on my list I got close to 15 yards. Also thread and little notions and pattern. But to top it up I did auction a Grand Quilter from Ebay a few month ago and my Friend Kim picked it up since it was in the UK. She brought it then to the FoQ with her so I could bring it home to Germany. So far I did not really had a chance to do some quilting may be after my Sons wedding.

And here are the pictures from my bought goodies and my new baby.


  1. The fabrics and threads in their earth colours are so you. Lucky you with the Grand Quilter. So sorry to have missed you.

  2. I so envy people who can sew, I just sold my machine in a garage sale and a week later someone dropped one off for me so maybe I'm meant to try!


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