Sunday, January 24, 2016

Hallo, anybody still out there ?

If real life is taking over as director and from one minute to the other, nothing is like before.
Keeping up a blog, becomes real quick a irrelevant fact......
The last two years changed my life completely
and I have to learn to live a different life.
 I want to thank my friends out there sooo much.
You know who you are.
For sending hug hearts, cards, letters, fabric and patterns to cheer me up. It felt so good to know you are out there thinking of me. I'm sorry if I faded out. I was just not my self.
Hugs to all of you. 
I just recently found comfort and joy again in sewing.
One of my My New Year resolution was starting on my blog again. Now its almost February so its about high time to do it.
I don't even know if anybody still out there. Well I just start.
I will start in baby steps and will try to post once a month.
I been reading blogs and follow some on Facebook and so I got hooked on Darlene's ( A needle pulling thread QuiltShope) facebook page.
She started- a year of the little quilts - . Every two month she post about a quilt from the book - civil war remembered -
The first Quilt from this book was President pride.
I sure enjoyed that one. Just a small Quilt.
The size is 36 1/2" x 36 1/2"
I made two of them and use them for table toppers.
They look real nice and I enjoy the new look on my table. 
The next one is crossroads and is due in February.
Then in the beginning of the month in a German Forum some one (Petra) started a Mini Quilt Mystery called Crossroads, and I joined in also. Its into the third week and the revealment will be next week.
This is what is looks so far. 
I do enjoy the cold and snowy weather out there because it gives me time to sew.
Now I wish you all a great Sunday
Lots of quilting hugs 


  1. Love your tabletoppers! and the mystery quilt looks interesting too!

  2. Hi Kerstin, I had wondered what happened to you a few weeks ago. I have not been that faithful about posting on my blog either..maybe we can do better together. Hugs, Sandy

  3. I am so pleased to see a blog post from you again. I love your quilt tops and the mini quilt beginning.

  4. Welcome back Kerstin, good to see you blogging again. xx

  5. What a very special treat! So very glad to read your delightful post and to see what you've been working on! Darlene at A Needle Pulling Thread is a Nova Scotia girl, although we have never met. At least, not yet! Her little quilt came out real cute! I can see why you made two! That's a lot of little pieces! Have a wonderful and quilty week! XO

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  7. I am so pleased to see a blog post and I am happy for you that sewing gif fun .
    Your table toppers are beautiful and I like the mini quilt mistery .

    Lot of hugs Tiny


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