Monday, October 28, 2013

Would you belive she did it.

This cute little face .
I just couldn't belive it, but she chewed a corner of my quilt. (No she is not starving. She gets enough food) 
Boy was I mad.
Well so I cut the corner off and added the binding and the Quilt was whole again and unique with the one corner looking like that. 
And then I come home today from work to find out - she did it again -
Now its not a corner its in the middle of one side. 
Do you think she is jealous of the time I sew. Or may be she does not like this quilt. Mmh, makes me wonder. She never did anything like that before. Ok, now I have to see how I get that one fixed.
Now to something nice.
Look at the little bag and a ring pin cushion I got from my friend Andrea. 
Isn't it darling. Here is a close up from the ring pin cushion.

On Sunday I been to my Sewing bee and the girls made me a House for my Janome . 
Uhhh I love it.
It has pockets on the side. 
Little heart shaped pockets for scissors or other small items.
And on the other side a bigger pocket for a ruler. 
and then there is my new bag. Its not that new any more but I did not get around to post about before. Since it got done just in the nick of time to take it with me on vacation. 
Its a bag that I can turn into a backpack with a second shoulder strap. It has a lot of pockets on the outside as in the inside.
It came real handy. 

so that is all for now and dont forget to come back on the 31st of October for my next give away.

Lots of quilting hugs


  1. Your poor quilt,,, and such a cute looking dog,,, have you found out why she doesn't like that quilt?

  2. Ohh....what a naughty dog!!! Your home for the Janome is beautiful, and also the bag. Lot of succes with repair you quilt. Hugs Tiny

  3. Hide your quilts , Love your machine cover

  4. I think that she is doing it out of boredom and is gaining comfort from the fact that it probable has such an association with you. Hope you can get it repaired - again!

    The sewing machine cover is so lovely, as is your bag.

  5. What a delightful idea for a sewing machine cover! I love it. And I always enjoy seeing pictures of your sweet (but naughty :) ) dog!


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