Monday, October 7, 2013

lots of pictures and the winner

So here we are, already in the month of October.
Time is flying. We are back from our wonderful vacation,
We had such a good time and seen so many things.
I sure loved the east coast. Never been there before but we
Sure will be back there.
Here are a few pictures 
around Gloucester and Magnolia, MA

Boston, Duck Tour, top of the hub        
New Hampshire, Maine
Whale watching
Whale watching was a awesome experience. To see those huge animals right next to the boat.
I felt so insignificant. Something I will never forget.
And of course I needed to stop at Keep sake quilting. What
A treat.
But this place was so huge with so much fabric I had a
Very hard time choosing fabric. Plus the small baggage allowance of 50 pounds
Or 23 kg. That is hardly nothing and I already bought a lot of cloth for the grand child.
Got him his first pair of Levis. Lol.
So here I go on and on but you really would like to know who the winner from the
Give away is, right?
The winner from the give away is, drumm roll tata
Congratulations Stiches.
Would you please let me know your snail mail address and I will have
The package on its way in no time.
You all have a great week. 
Don't forget to come back on the last Day of October.
lots of quilting hugs 


  1. I am so happy to be the winner of the give away, how special!! Your photos are beautiful and you really got to see some nice places. Isn't Keepsake Quilting a great place to see? Thanks again for drawing my name...

  2. You obviously had a really great time. Whale watching - WOW!
    Congratulations to the winner

  3. Great your picture's and se the whale's is so......noble. We have seen them many years ago in Norway. You don't forget that. Congratulations to Stitches Greath you bought the first Levis for your grandson !!!. And now...back to working . Hugs Tiny


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