Sunday, August 18, 2013

Sneak peek on the last border of Darlene's Mystery

I been working on my last border from Darlene's Mystery. I changed it a bit. I kept with the French braid border but used some light fabric with it.
When I was working on the border I decided to keep the corners in the light fabric and pick up on the applique from step 3 and appliqued some flowers in the corner. 
Darlene's Mystery part 7
Well I finished one corner and still have three to go. I'm getting so excited about finishing  this quilt.
I just know it will look great on my bed. Its the biggest quilt I did so far with the size 88" x 92".
Its about time I be thinking how I'm going to quilt it.
You all have a great Sunday


  1. That is going to be so beautiful. I love the flowers in the corner, can't wait to see the rest of the border, sneaky!

  2. That's looks beautiful. How to quilting the top? I always find that the hard thing.You quilting on the machine? I most by hand. Hugs Tiny

  3. I love what you have done with the border and corners. This is going to be a beautiful quilt to snuggle under.


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