Saturday, August 31, 2013

Last day of August is here

Boy the time is flying. The last day of August is here already. 
I think since I announced that I will have a give away every last day of the month for this year, the time is going by in lighting speed. lol
But before I get to the give away I want to tell you about my day.
I started a men trailing class with my dog Lisa. We have a great time doing it.

She is really doing good. Finds the victim every time. Of course the victim has a snack for her when she finds
But the real fun is all the different place we go. Every week is a different place in the woods. The last few times I always thought - I need to bring the camera - but then I always forget. Today I remembered to bring one, it was such a nice location too.
Its called Burg Phillipstein. Its a tower that got build in 1390
A beautiful place. So I took a few pictures before class started so I can show you.
Next week we are at a place called Grube Anna. So I'm looking forward to that and hope I wont forget the camera. Its amazing all those places so close to home and never been there. It has to take a man trailing class with a dog to go see them. Lol.
And now to the give away. 
When I was doing my shopping today. I was amazed to see that Tshibo is selling fabric and sewing gadgets. I saw this sewing kit for a hobo bag and just thought - that is so cute - So I decided to pick it up for the give away. 
The Kit got everthing you need to make the hobo bag, fabric and pattern.
So if you want to have a chance for this give away
All you have to do is leave me a comment telling me so.
I pick the winner next week Saturday and will let you know.
So good luck to all of you and a great weekend.
Lots of quilting hugs


  1. Loveley so beautiful places to find and then so close to home. That you must go on dog training to se them (lol).
    Lisa looks good, she is a beautiful dog.
    You have a nice give away, but this time I skip over.
    Have a nice sunday , hugs Tiny

  2. The trail class with Lisa sounds fun! My dogs would love it too but I've never heard of it here in the UK!
    Thank you for a lovely giveaway - I would love to join in!

  3. You show such lovely places, Kerstin. Your dog is really cute.

  4. I just love Lisa and I'm glad that she is doing so well at the man trailing classes. Glad you got to take your camera along. Please don't include me in the giveaway, lovely though it is, I have more bags than I know what to do with!

  5. I would like to join your lovely give away.
    Hugs Tiny

  6. It is true that many times we travel far and miss what is close by! I think your dog training class sounds like fun. Are you training her so that she can help in rescue operations or just for fun?


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