Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Last day of July is here

Wow, time fly's when having fun.
Not much sewing is going on. I did finish the Batik Jelly Roll top but it still needs to get quilted. So I guess it be a while before I get to post pictures. 
I also worked on Darlene's Mystery. The last border needs to be attached. But I don't seem to have the right fabric. If I like the color, I don't have enough fabric. If I have enough fabric , I don't like the color with the the quilt top.
So what to do?  I guess I will have to go shopping. Saturday I will try my luck.
I should have worked on the Mystery last week then I could have picked up some fabric on Sunday.
Sunday I went to the Main Quilt Festival.
City Hall of Aschaffenburg
Castle in Aschaffenburg
We had a great time. They had a Quilt bus line going through the city since they had the show in 3 different places.
One was at the Bürgerhaus( sorry, I  have no idea how to translate that), one at the castle and another with the vendors in the city hall.
Taking pictures was not aloud. But at the Bernina Blog they show pictures of the show. So enjoy.
And now to the give away for the last day in July.
Here are two fat quarters and some Water Soluble Thread from Superior Threads. Ah, and a package of leather ring thimbles. 
July give away
So, if you are interested in it. Leave me a comment and I draw a winner next Sunday the 4th of August.
Good luck.
Lots of quilting hugs


  1. The castle in Aschaffenburg looks amazing!

  2. I love the castle and that is an amazing City Hall. Why is it that we never have the right fabric at the right time?

  3. I love the castle too!
    I'm off to check out the pictures at the Bernina blog!

  4. The Castle is an awesome building. Did you get to go inside? Thanks for doing a giveaway and the chance to win..

  5. The castle is beautiful and the quiltfestival is also in the Castle? Sorry you don't make picture's I see on the Bernina blog beautiful!!! I like your give away and the chance to win it. Have a nice and warm weekend Tiny

  6. Wow, I have been to one quilt show in my life and it was a small "local" one. I can't begin to imagine a quilt show in a castle.
    I would love a chance to win your giveaway.

  7. This looks so awesome, I can't imagine how wonderful it was.
    Don't put me in the giveaway since I won last time. :)


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