Monday, July 15, 2013

I been to a fabric market

Yes, I did it again. I know, I told my self I'm not going to buy any more fabric, since there is no more room in my cabinets . But who could have passed up such a good deal. Lol.
I got a jelly roll , well a box with 40 x  of 2 1/2"  batik strips for only 29.95 € 
You understand it needed to go home with me.
And since there is no more room in the cabinets, I needed to work on it right away and this way I don't feel bad about buying it. Lol . Its not going in the cabinet and taking up room. Lol.
I even had to take some fabric from the cabinet for the I used some dark green Batik.
I used a pattern from the book  "Jelly Roll Inspirations".  "Zen and the Jelly roll".
First I had to sew 5 strips together. 4 strips from the Jelly Roll and one strip from the dark green batik from my stasch
From one of those sewn strips I got 4 squares 
And from 4 squares I  got 2 Blocks 
And from all of it I got 20 blocks and this is the layout on my design wall
layout 1


layout 2


Its pretty colorful. Should I keep the first or the second layout??
You all have a wonderful week
Quilting hugs


  1. Iremember that you said the fabric market would be coming soon. You did well if you only bought one jelly roll. I like both layouts, if I had to choose, I pick layout 1.

  2. I like your logic of sewing the fabric straight away because you had no room in you cupboard. I like both layouts too but would pick the first if I had to.

  3. What beautiful fabric and a neat design! Both are perfectQ!


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