Thursday, January 31, 2013

Summer at Mom's Quilt and a Give away

I meet my goal for finishing the Quilt in January by a stitch.
Finished to hand sew the binding on last night. Great.
So this coming week it will go to the post office and be send to a special person . And no, that is not the give away. Lol.
And here are a few pictures. 
Lisa our new puppy (she is now 6 month) gives me the impression she does not like me to do patchwork. I mean she likes the Quilts. When ever one is laying around she claims it as hers but maybe she does not like me to work on them.
When I got home from work one day I found my magazine with the pattern for the summer at Moms Quilt destroyed. 
She had the choice of a news magazine, TV guide and my patchwork magazine on the table.( not that she is aloud to get anything from the table) but she choose my patchwork magazine. Look what she did.
I'm very happy, that at this point the quilt top was finished and just needed to be quilted.
But who can be mad at such a precious face.
My fault for leaving the magazine on the table anyway's. 
So and now for my give away.
When I been in my sewing room to look, what to work on next, I thought. Way to much in this little space.
There are so many pattern I will never be able to do, or I did them and won't be doing them again.
There are so many books I once liked and not any more or I read them before.
So I decided every last day of the month for this year, I will give one or two things away. So if you do not mind that the book or pattern was used or read, leave me a comment and you might be the winner of that item.
So for the last day in January I give away a Fat Quarter Friendly Pattern and a Fat Quarter.
I still remember when I bought this pattern way way back than, I liked it at that time( the quilt on diplay there looked great).
It was at the Santa Clara Quilt Convention in 2007. I never did get around to do it and I don't thing I will. So if you are interested in this pattern just leave me a comment. Tell me if you have things like that in your sewing room too. I'm looking forward to read your story's.
On the following Sunday ( 3rd Feb.) I will let the number generator do its thing and will announce the winner.

So have fun and have a great week.
Hugs Kerstin


  1. That quilt is just so beautiful Kerstin. At least puppy only destroyed the pattern and not the quilt itself. She really is a cutie.

  2. The quilt is beautiful and the puppy is adorable. I no doubt have a lot of stuff in my sewing room that I will never use, but unlike you, I haven't taken the time to sort thorough it. I admire your organization!

  3. I love previously read books that include quilts and everything associated with them. I can learn from them and hopefully there are little notes that you have written in them ;-) .Quilting information never goes out of style!

  4. Hi Kersten! My sewing room is the largest room in the house because it was added to the house over the 2 car garage (not by me). I was lucky enough to be allowed to take it over with my stuff :) But, there's never enough space. If you have the space, you fill it :) I am currently putting shelving in one of the closets so I can stack tubs of fabric and projects in it rather than take more books of the bookshelf to replace with fabric ... LOL! My puppy and kitty both hang out with me while I am sewing. Once in a while they will come over to me and try to get me to stop, but you are right, they never complain about finished quilts. They love to lay on them!
    I need to also get rid of some books and patterns that I never use anymore :(

  5. Love the quilt,,, and the puppy!

  6. Naughty puppy, though she looks quite innocent just lying there! Good thing the quilt was finished! I recently got rid of some old magazines...I had saved them for years, and I went through and weeded out the old ones. I still have enough to fill several large shelves!

  7. Hi Kerstin , Your quilt is beautiful!!!! and what do you have a naughty dog (lol) you schould also leave nothing on the table dogs like that(lol) I'm happy to join your give away, and the pattern that I look for you, I have not found yet, but I'll keep looking. We have never not enough pattern (lol)
    Have a nice weekend hugs Tiny

  8. The puppy is SO cute & I love your quilt. I would love to take part in your give away Thanks !


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