Sunday, February 20, 2011

Quilts for the Kellerquilter

I finally finished Nr. 3 and Nr. 4 Quilts for the Kellerquilter with quilting. This time I did not have any information as to who made the tops. But both are very beautiful and pretty big. I'm happy I finally got them done. So tomorrow I will look for a box big enough to hold all 4 Quilts and send them on their way to make someone happy.

#4. not such a good picture because the Quilt is so big

here a close up. (can you tell its supposed to roses. lol)
Otherwise I did not much. I made a Mug Rug for a small Swap. So I'm not able to show the picture yet, to not spoil the surprise.Here it is in disguise, may be this coming week I get to show the true picture. I will keep you posted.
Mug Rug in disguise


  1. Those quilts really will make someone happy. Can't wait to see the mug rug.

  2. Gorgeous quilts Kerstin and I got my mug rug, thank you very much, I love it!!! So you can now reveal it on your blog!! Looking forward to seeing it on here too!! :-)))


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