Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Mug Rug

Since my Swap Partner Annette received her Mug Rug I can show a picture of it. We supposed to use some of our fancy stitches on our machine. Im not so much into those stitches. I thought I quilt a feather into it. This was my very first feather.
But most of all is that Annette is happy with it. 
Mug Rug for Annette


  1. Kirsten, I love your cheery mug rug. Great swap! Ros x

  2. Kirsten you have make a lovely mug rug.
    Hugs Tiny

  3. Kerstin your Mugrug is just super, much much better in the flesh as it were. Your feather quilting is brilliant, keep it up.

  4. I love your mug rug. It reminds me of spring.


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