Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Not 1 but 4 Friendship Block's arrived

Today I could not belive my eye's. 4 envelopes in my mailbox.
I got Blocks from Annette, Cath, Anita and Ros.
And everyone of them send beautiful Cards and Goodies along.
I feel like it's Christmas and my Birthday together.
PresentsPresents Under The Tree

I'm jumping up and down being so happy. My Blocks are all so great.This is going to be a great Quilt.
Here are the pictures.
Annette's Block, Card and Charms.

 Cath's Block, Card and Fabric.

Ros's Block, Card and Fabric.

Anita' Block, Card and little Boat Pattern (so cute)

Thank you Girls, you make me very Happy. This was and is a great Swap.


  1. Ohohohoh, you er spoiled, do you have all blocks? Dan you can work an the quilt (lol)
    Nice evening. Tiny

  2. Oh how wonderful! Just getting one "squishy" envelope in the mail is fun, so getting four at once must be heaven! And I love all of your blocks and gifts. Very nice job, ladies! Can't wait to see your quilt all finished, Kerstin!



  3. Lovely Kerstin. Have you been tempted to start laying them out on the floor/table/design wall yet?


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