Saturday, July 24, 2010

Big Bag Swap

Now I can show you a picture since my Swap Partner received the Bag.
In a small yahoo group I belong to we had a big bag swap for the Festival of Quilts (since they won't allow backpack there anymore) So we thought we all need to have a big bag to stash all the fabric, pattern, threads and all the other goodies you can find and spend your money on.
I'm getting real excited its only 27 more day's until I fly to Birmingham.
But here I'm drifting away from what I want to show. My Swap Partner was Fiona. She wanted the color red and long Handles. I did ask if I can add other colors and she was ok with that.
So this is what I came up with
 in the inside of the bag I put a big pocket to hold the wallet and a snap hook for the keys, so she wont have to surch throug all the fabric, pattern, threads and all the other goodies, to find them. lol.

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  1. The bag is gorgeous Kerstin. I hope I get to see it. Only 27 days????


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