Saturday, July 17, 2010

Friendship Block Number 7 made it to Germany

Now look at this great Block coming in the mail today.

I got this Block and this lovely ATC from Jan today. She also included some lovely Charms with it. I really do get spoiled. I would love to show you a picture from the charms. But I'm not able to get a picture without a glare. I will keep trying but here is the picture from the ATC

When I look at all the Blocks I got so far it was really worth the wait for them.


  1. Every day you get something nice!!! I'm jeal;ous (lol)
    But thy look beautiful again.

  2. Glad youlike it Kerstin and you deserve all you aregetting you had such a l-o-n-g wait.

  3. Gorgeous card and block from Jan. She always comes up with such gorgeous stuff.


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