Friday, June 5, 2009

Postkarte- Thema Kunst und Künstler

bei diesem Thema stand ich erstmal auf dem Schlauch, aber dann kam die Idee. Denke die Karte ist mir gut gelungen und ich habe erstmal überlegt ob ich sie auch wegschicke. Natürlich habe ich sie dann weggeschickt.This theme had me thinking, but then the Idea came. I think the Card turned out great. I was debating if I should keep this and make a new one for Carol B.. Naturally I did send it to Carol and she liked it a lot.

und hier ist die Postkarte die ich von Sue Q. zu diesem Thema bekommen habe. Es ist ein Bild von Mark Rothko. Ich hab noch nie von diesem Künstler gehört und musste Ihn erst mal googeln. Es ist wie das Orginal. Sue benutzte Handgefärbte Stoffe und übermalt diese mit seidenmalfarbe. And here is the Card I recieved from Sue Q. for the Theme Artist. Its a picture from Mark Rothko. I had never heard from him so I googeld him. The Card sure looks like the orginal. Sue used Handdyed Fabric and than painted over it with silk paint. Well done Sue and thanks a lot.

Bin mal gespannt was es als nächstes Thema gibt.I cant wait to hear what the next Theme will be.


  1. Hi Kerstin - I'm the first to follow your blog :o) Enjoy it - I really enjoy playing with mine! Your postcards and your bag are just fabulous :o)


  2. Hi Kerstin, Angela just pipped me to the post...again...hahaha I clicked on the translator thingy but English isnt there. boohoo and I don't speak any of the others either. Aren't I lazy.
    I shall have to try and work out what you are saying, or just drool over the pictures. Also I don't know what I have done over the side, my picture is there twice, helpppppppppp lol Jan x

  3. Hi Angela and Jan,

    Thanks for stoping by and for the comment's :-). Im new to the blogging but Im trying to get around.
    Thanks for letting me know about the translator. I did changed it.

  4. Your postcard is awesome, how could you send it away? I see you know Angela, she is a talented fiber artist as well.

  5. Thanks Jean, I was thinking of keeping it at first. But then I thougt no I made it for the Swap so I send it.


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