Saturday, January 25, 2014

Zen and the jelly roll

Yes, another finish. Its been a UFO for some time.
I got the pattern from the book jelly roll inspirations.
The top was done real quick but then  something else got
in between. But now I needed a gift and I just knew this would
be the right quilt. So out it came and here is another finish.
It feels good to see it finished.(there is lots of potentials in my UFO box
to have plenty more finishes, :-))
When I went to take the pictures - Lisa just had to pose for
It too. 
Lisa just wanted to have her picture  taken too

here a close up
 I hope you all have a wonderful weekend 
quilting hugs 


  1. I love this pretty and batiks! yummmmmmy! It's interesting how different the quilt looks on point too! Someone is very lucky!

  2. Lovely quilt,, and lovely picture of Lisa.

  3. Fabulous quilt Kerstin!!

  4. Your quilt is really lovely. It looks like the sun is shining through in the yellow areas, it's striking.

  5. What a lovely quilt. And is so cute. Hugs Tiny

  6. This is absolutely gorgeous. I love how you kept the x's a dark color. They really stand out! I think this is my new favorite jelly roll quilt top!!


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