Saturday, December 28, 2013

Time for sewing

Finally had some time to be at the sewing machine. 
Some extra day's off from work did wonders and felt great.
I needed two more gifts for Christmas, and made two small table mats.
Do to a mistake of sewing the pieces  wrong together I received a total different look.
But what can I say " a Happy accident " I liked what came out of it. 
Than I accumulated so much  leftover pieces from the fleece I used for the Quilt backings
And thought I could make some Dog toys for Lisa and her friends for Christmas.
They all enjoyed there new bones. Lisa's is still alive - what a surprise - the little
Terminator usually kills every toy in minutes. 
Lisa the little Terminator
Than I had a bag of scrap strips given to me for a donation quilt. 
When life gives you scraps make a quilt, right?
I remembered a Quilt from a older Magazine, America loves Scrap Quilts 2010
The Quilt is called Plenty of  Pomegranates. Just perfect for those strip scraps.
Plus I could try and use my new glue stick from Sew Line I got from my trip to Veldhoven.
The stick worked perfect, no more pinning. I had so much fun, the blocks went together quickly.
I have to remember to get refills for that stick. Its well worth every penny it cost.
That's how far I got. I will keep you posted on the process.
You all have a wonderful weekend.
It feels wonderful to be back sewing.
Lots of quilting hugs


  1. Wow!! All kinds of quilty candy today. The tablemat is beautiful! If it was sewn together wrong, I'd do it again!! How clever to make doggie bones! I never would have thought to do that!! No way you just whipped up that Pomegranates quilt. It's beautiful!! Thanks for the link!

  2. Love the doggie toys,, and your little terminator. That quilt is gorgeous! Happy New Year!!

  3. I love how your mistake turned out so well. The quilt is beautiful too. What a good idea to make doggy bones, such a lovely photo of the Terminator too.

  4. Your mistake is beautiful, what a idea to make doggy bones for you terminator.
    . Nice you have fun on sewing and what you have made looks great.
    Happy New Year. Tiny

  5. I love the diamond topper, how cute! The stripes are going to be awesome with that applique. Love it too! It's so nice to have extra time to sew and looks like you are getting lots finished!

  6. I read back to see more of your pomegranate quilt and to see if you had the pattern info. I have one or two older McCall's scrap magazine issues. I am going to have to searching to see if I have that one. I like the colors you used in your quilt more than the ones in the magazine. I have not tried those glue sticks but I have seen them in shops. I did recently use a glue stick for the first time piecing and I think I may try one of these soon. Thanks for the ideas ... :) Pat


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