Tuesday, December 10, 2013

my surprise box from Hobby Hoekje

I always wanted to try it out.
I heard it was worth the money and that everybody was happy with what they received from Hobby Hoekje. 
So this year I just went ahead and ordered one. I thought I could get my self my own Christmas gift.
But once it got here, I was just to nosey and could not hold the suspense. Lol
It was so great to unpack my package, it was like christmas. I got some wonderful batik fabric some other fabric, needles,
a ruler some pearls, batting and a jojo maker. Wow. I was real happy.
So are you ready to see a picture?? 

so what you think? Im a happy camper.

by the way, I still looking for one recipient for my pay it forward. Any one interested. You can read about it


  1. That is indeed a very nice suprise package. When I participate and I have not 3 people to join my pay it forward What happened then. Hugs Tiny

  2. What a lovely selection, although now that you have opened it you will just have to order yourself another one to open at Christmas :)

  3. Okay, if you are still short one person, I'll give it a go!! Given there are 365 days to accomplish this, I shoud be able to succeed. I didn't quite understand how it worked until I read your last post. Let me know!


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