Saturday, November 9, 2013

and the winner is


just a quick note of the winner and then I'm off to a Saltmine in Merkers for a concert (Pink Floyed Reloded)
Im so excited.

and now the winner of my give away from the last day of October

Congratulation Gill, since Jean does not want to be included for the give away, you are the lucky winner of both pattern.

Please let me know your snail mail dress and I have them on the way to you.

not much sewing going on. I leave in the mornings to work in the dark and when I get home its turning dark also. It seams with the light goes my energy. Is anybody else feeling like that?.
I finished a Baby Quilt for my Sons friends new baby. His name is Joris. But the picture did not come out so good, once the daylight goes and I have to turn on the lights the pictures dont turn out that good.Things getting old around here. lol Time for a better camera. lol

so you all have a great weekend

quilting hugs


  1. Thanks Kerstin - I'm emailing you now!

  2. Congrats Gill! You will love that Mexican's fun to make!

  3. Congratulations to Gill.

    I love the baby quilt. And yes, the reduced hours of daylight give me less energy too, even though I don't go to work any more.


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