Saturday, June 15, 2013

The top of my snake dance mystery is done.

Yeahhh, the top is done and I like it soooooo much. My design wall is to small so I had to lay it out in the grass. 
snake dance mystery

I joined the snake dance mystery from Jean. It was great.
I promised  not to show the clues or the finished quilt before her classes was finished. But with the painting of my sewing room there was no chance of me finishing the quilt before her classes been up. Lol.  I had a great time doing the mystery. She had a yahoo group going for sharing pictures with the others and to ask questions.
Her instruction have been very good and I had no problems to follow her clues and if she ever has another online class - mystery going on, I'm sure will attend. So if you read this Jean- Hint, Hint, Hint.
Here are some pictures from the clues
1. Clue was about the fabric , how much and some cutting instructions.
 the next clues have been about sewing and cutting strips. 
yeah for some time there I thought there had to be pinwheels in the quilt . boy was I wrong. lol
but I like the  quilt with out the pinwheels a lot better. 
Now all I have to do is get it quilted. who knows I might find some time tomorrow.

and here are some pictures from my sewing room all new painted in a nice cuppoccino color. 
its still a small room but its all mine. 

 so you all have a great weekend. 
lots of quilting hugs 


  1. Love The Snake Dance,, and your sewing room.

  2. It was so much fun having you join our mystery quilt. I love how your quilt turned out. I will post a link tomorrow showing your quilt and linking back here so they can see your post.

  3. Your snake dance is fantastic,. Who would have guessed that the pinwheel blocks would turn out like that. Beautiful quilt.

  4. Wauwh!!! What a beautiful quilt. And your sewingroom we say small but nice . Hugs Tiny


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