Sunday, March 10, 2013

Update on the quilt and my Sunday walk with Lisa

There has not been much quilting time in the last week. I still got to finish my top by adding the border.
I'm in the middle of quilting it but those pictures have to wait. Just so far- I like what I see - lol. 
Here is the top with the border. 
Just to spice up my blog with some pictures I decided to take my camera along on my Sunday walks. - Just if its not down pouring rain, but it was not raining today.

Lisa started to be in her first heat. Oh boy, that is young. She is now 7 month. At least it took my decision away about having her spade before her first heat or after her second.
You hear so many controversies about both ways.
So with her being in heat she either has to be on the leash or I have to walk in a very open space so I can see what and who is about.
So I decided to leave real early this morning, thinking not so many people are about walking the dogs.
I left at 7 am in the morning. The Sun just started to come out that was so beautiful.
So here are some pictures from my walk. 

thats how it looked when I left the house. Is it not beautiful. But it only took minutes before the sun was all out.
lots of open space

 lots of open space to see who and what is about and lots of space to let the dog run. 

wonder if there is a mouse
or looking for mice to chase.
isnt it pretty with the fog still being on the ground a bit.
Kloster Altenberg
here you see the nunnery of Altenberg. Its just across the river from us. May be next sunday I take Lisa walking there to get some more pictures. Besides they have a nice coffee place up there - just open on sundays. lol
Lisa surely having fun.
can you see the arrow in the picture. You barley can see but it the castle of Braunfels. That should be a nice Sunday walk also.
she's been such a good girl on the walk.

I hope you all have a great Sunday.

Lots of hugs


  1. I like the way some of your stripes continue into the border.Looks like a beautiful place to take your walks!

  2. You made beautiful picture's and Lisa listening good I think , se walks on the picture's one leash. Many people se after the first heat but now you do not have to decide, after a few weeks to the vet. Our dog spayed before her first heat and se is now 11 years and good healty.

    The quilt I like it beautiful!!!!

    Hugs Tiny

  3. I do like the inner purple strip that you have added. Lovely photos of your walk. My cousin was talked into having her dog speyed before her first season, by the vet, and has been on medication for incontinence ever since (13 years!) They didn't tell them that it was a possible side effect.


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