Saturday, March 30, 2013

My WIP - Africa

I had that Fabric from Alexander Henry - Calabash -  in my stash for about
2 years.
I did not knew what to do with it, to pretty to cut it into pieces. 
Now my SIL's  60th B-day is approaching and she loves anything to do with Africa 
and so I pulled the Fabric out and decided to something with it. 
I remembered seeing a Quilt with that Fabric being used without being cut up. 
I sewn the blocks on the right together and I will use that strip between the calabash fabric.
Here is a pictures how it looks on my wall at the time. 
Lots of hugs

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  1. The fabrics looks great!!! it is a diffecult fabric to do something with it, and the solution you made looks good. Happy Easter Tiny


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