Sunday, February 10, 2013

Sneak peek from my February WIP

That's how far I got. Not bad.
I think I need a few more block's .
Its a 9 x 11 layout with the blocks and it comes out to be 48" x 66"
What do you think. Should I keep it like that or try something else. Maybe a border?


  1. What size do you need it to be? If you need it to be bigger perhaps you could add a border and float the edges of them (the corners) into the border.

  2. That is looking so good. I love the offset pattern. Maggi's suggestion sounds good.

  3. It's looking great. And if the size is good I wil preference Maggi suggestion .

  4. It looks good, but is the size alright, if not then I would add a border. Yet it really looks great.

  5. I love your arrangement of blocks. I would leave it as is. Very striking. Hugs

  6. I like Maggi's suggestion too. It has such wonderful movement. I wouldn't want to fence it completely in with a border. If some of it could escape and keep moving it would keep the eye moving too.


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